Make your desktop your own

Glitter is an app for your computer that allows you to add useful and beautiful widgets to your desktop.


Windows, MacOS, Linux - It just works. We are dedicated to making the experience of customizing your desktop easy on all major OS's

Add your own widgets

Glitter widgets are powered by the web technologies. If you know HTML and CSS, you already know how to create a widget

Not just for show

Glitter widgets don't just look good, many are also very functional. From weather forecast to a live data stream - beautiful, yet powerful

Powered by community

We provide the platform, but the real potential of Glitter is realized through the creativity of our community. Be a part of the Glitter story

Glitter is best explained appreciated visually

Explore widgets on the desktop below


How many widgets are available in Glitter?

At launch, Glitter will have plenty of widgets crafted by the authors and early testers. With time, the library will grow and you will be able to enjoy a potentially infinite library of awesome widgets!

Can I create custom widgets?

Most definitely. Glitter comes with an integrated development mode which enables a pleasant development of custom widgets. Glitter widgets are powered by web technologies, all you need is a bit of HTML and CSS.

Is Glitter free?

Yes, Glitter is free for everyone to enjoy. Some more advanced features will be part of a premium offering in order to support the continuous development of the Glitter software and its community.

Will it work on my computer?

Glitter works on Windows (7 and newer), MacOS (10.10 and newer) and Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and newer, Fedora 21, Debian 8.)

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