Revive your desktop

What if you could use the web technologies to make your desktop pretty, useful, or both - that's Glitter

How people are using Glitter

Video backgrounds - Instead of a static, boring image, you can have a video playing as your wallpaper

Get notifications - Made another sale through Stripe? Got another YouTube subscriber? - Get a custom alert

Video/audio players - Create a custom interface for your favourite player - Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Weather overview - Do you need an umbrella, or a sunscreen? Easily find out right from your desktop

PC performance - Track your CPU / RAM usage through nice charts instead of digging through your OS

What is Glitter?

Here's how Glitter works:

Glitter is an app for your computer that allows you to add widgets to your screen. Now, there are many apps that do this. Where Glitter is different is that it allows those widgets to be written with web technologies, which drastically lowers the barrier to entry into the desktop customization "land".

You can download widgets made by other people, and you can also create your own. Glitter makes both easy - it's up to you.

Step 1 - Download and install Glitter

Step 1 - Download and install Glitter

Glitter is free, and Open Source. It works on Windows, macOS, and a lot of Linux distributions.

Download Glitter
Step 2 - Create a new widget

Step 2 - Create a new widget

Glitter comes with an integrated development server and templates for React and Vue.js. All you have to do is open your favourite code editor and start working on your widget.

Step 3 - Add the widget to your screen

Step 3 - Add the widget to your screen

Each widget can be added any number of times, to any of your screens. Glitter makes it easy to just drag the widgets around so you can position them just the way you want to.

Yes - it's that simple

What does Glitter provide?

Here is a short summary of some niceties:

Technologies you know

Glitter widgets are written with HTML, CSS, and JS. We have templates for React and Vue.js

Easy management

Widgets can be easily added to, and positioned on, any of your screens. Every widget can be added multiple times.

Visual configuration

Widgets are personal - and we recognize that. Our settings framework allows for easy configurability.

Widgets marketplace *

Install widgets people have shared with a few clicks on our marketplace and benefit from a collective genius

System access

Each widget can access the underlying system through Node.js for when more power is needed.

Open Source

Glitter code is open source, and available for both contribution and inspection to anyone.

* Coming soon

Are you ready to make your desktop beautiful again?

Download Glitter

Open Source, and works on all major operating systems

Glitter supports the following


We are testing Glitter on Windows 10, macOS Catalina, and Ubuntu. Other versions might be supported, and we are always open to contribution. After all, Glitter is Open Source.